Third Street Gallery archive: 2007 Exhibitions: Knot Now: Sculpture by Norman Sherfield

Humboldt State University First Street Gallery is pleased to present, Knot Now: Sculpture by Norman Sherfield, on exhibit from January 30 through March 11, 2007. Sherfield is the winner of the 2007 North Coast Cultural Trust Victor Jacoby Award.

Knot Now, will feature small sculptures created by Sherfield who uses a basketry technique known as knotting.  With this technique, Sherfield transforms the simplicity of a single knot into complex forms, which hold a variety of textures, shapes and color patterns.

Sherfield’s forms are inspired by biological science, the automatism of surrealism and a fascination with natural biological form. The meditative and simple action of knotting allows Sherfield to fully immerse himself in the process.  With the repetitive pulse of each knot, it is as if he’s breathing life into his abstracted forms. His sculptures reference various aspects of the physical, spiritual and mythological world; engaging the curious imagination with humor and mystique. Sheffield’s merging of bright colors and earth tones in the weaving form a modern take on a traditional art form. His combination of dream imagery, instinctual and imaginative impulses; with forms of the natural world, explore the boundaries where mind and nature meet. Sherfield feels the content of his forms become complete only with the interaction of each viewer’s intellectual and spiritual contribution.

Knot Now: Sculpture by Norman Sherfield will run from January 30th through March 11th.  There will be a public reception for the artist on Saturday, February 3 from 6 pm through 9 pm.  There will be a gallery talk by the artist at First Street Gallery on Saturday, February 24th at 3 pm. Admission is free.