Dr. M. Cartier

M Cartier

Office Hours Spring 2024: By appointment (contact via email)

Dr. Michelle Cartier is a media poet, athlete, and filmmaker whose philosophical research examines ‘love’ as an ethics and responsibilities of a media culture. They are an alumni of California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt’s Film Program, and hold both an MA and PhD in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School. Dr. Cartier has been a Lecturer and Research Associate in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Dance at California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt since 2014. In addition, they are an Associate Faculty at College of the Redwoods’ Eureka, CA and Klamath, CA sites, and have taught courses since 2009.

As a filmmaker, their work tends to lean towards short experimental films and conceptual exhibitions that un-work as a relentless invitation to ‘Human Together Better,’ navigating socio-political remixes of pop-culture, live djing and performance that strengthen and sculpt space for the senses to coauthor the experience of the work/s. They are currently working on a interactive triptych that explores the forward spaces for trans athletes to compete and be celebrated in the next new folds of our shifting consciousness; this is an upcoming installment of the continued series, Tuff Love and Elsewhere Imaginary Spaces, which examines the intertextual alignment of past, present, and future as it relates to the current workings of Angela Y. Davis' approach to Abolitionist Feminism and ‘The Social Imaginary’ (challenging us with care-full and an immediate re-articulation of societal spaces, relationships, and constructs of thinking).

Dr. M. Cartier teaches film studies and film production at Cal Poly Humboldt and lives in Eureka, CA. She currently leads and advises the QTBIPOC Film Coalition, a dynamic student research team dedicated to the creation of innovative new media works and films. The coalition's primary mission is to bridge the gap between underrepresented narratives and mainstream discourse by actively translating their unique experiences into tangible forms of expression. Through thoughtfully curated film and new media presentations, the coalition challenges the notion of 'institutional absence,' asserting the importance of diverse voices in shaping cultural narratives. Furthermore, they actively advance innovative approaches to storytelling that serve as models for inclusive curriculum design, advocating for the integration of diverse perspectives in educational settings. Committed to facilitating dialogue and understanding, the coalition regularly hosts exhibitions and events, inviting their peers and the campus community to engage with and explore their narratives in accessible and meaningful ways.

Specialty Area



  •  AHSS 101 The Stories We Tell (Film, Music and Art Collaboration) - FILM 102 Introduction to Radio, TV and Film

  • FILM 109 Film Comedy Around the World

  • FILM 260 Humboldt International Film Festival

  • FILM 305 Art of Film: Beginning to 1950s

  • FILM 306 Art of Film: 1950s to Present

  • FILM 315 Filmmaking I

  • FILM 317 Art of Film Discussion: Pre 1950s

  • FILM 318 Art of Film Discussion: Post 1950s

  • FILM 362 Social Change Digital Production

  • FILM 375 Filmmaking II

  • FILM 378 Emerging Media for the Gallery

  • FILM 465 Film Violence & Desire; From Hollywood to Bollywood - FILM 465 Representation in Film Matters

  • FILM 478 Experimental Filmmaking

  • FILM 478 16mm Filmmaking and New Media Practices

  • TA 488 Critical Analysis Stage & Film


Bachelor of Arts in Film, Humboldt State University, 2001
Master of Arts in Philosophy in the Division of Media and Communications, European Graduate School, 2004
PhD in Philosophy in the Division of Media and Communications, European Graduate School, 2009