Dr. M. Cartier

M Cartier

Office Hours Fall 2023: By appointment (contact via email)

I’m a media poet, athlete and filmmaker whose philosophical research continues to examine ‘love’ as an ethics and responsibilities of a media culture. I’m an alumni of Cal Poly Humboldt’s Film Program and hold a PhD in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School. I’ve been a lecturer in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Dance at Humboldt since 2013.  As a filmmaker, my work tends to lean towards short experimental films and conceptual exhibitions that un-work as a relentless invitation to ‘Human Together Better’, navigating socio-political remixes of pop-culture, live djing and performance that strengthen and sculpt space for the senses to coauthor the experience of the work/s.  My most current work Tuff Love and Elsewhere Imaginary Spaces examines the intertextual alignment of past, present and future as it relates to the current workings of Angela Y. Davis' approach to Abolitionist Feminism and ‘The Social Imaginary’ (which challenges us with care-full and an immediate re-articulation of societal spaces, relationships, and constructs of thinking).

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