Careers & Alumni

With a strong foundation in critique, history, and technique, our students are highly prepared for their futures as a positive force in contemporary society.

Our Art + Film alumni have gone on to pursue careers that harness the creative thinking, critical inquiry skills, and communication skills they developed at Humboldt.

Art students find a strong foundation in advanced verbal and written communication skills, informing and explaining ideas, describing and evaluating ideas, problems, and events, and observing people, data, and visual information. They also learn to find and evaluate necessary information and sources, analyze and compile ideas and information, and organize materials and ideas. 

Film students demonstrate fundamental aesthetically driven technical skills essential to media production and develop films grounded in ethical storytelling and production processes. They apply creative problem solving and collaborative practices in their work, integrate film vocabulary and analyze global film studies and synthesize knowledge with skills through the creation and completion of short films.

Related Job Titles

The following list is not meant to be all inclusive; many other job alternatives and titles may exist. Some require further education.

Advertising Designer
Art Buyer
Art Center Director
Art Critic
Art Director
Art Therapist
Audio Engineer (Production and Post Production)
Audio-visual Specialist
Community Programs Director
Creative Director
Editor (Film/TV)
Editor (Book, File, Media)
Entertainment/Recreation Manager

Exhibit Designer
Fashion Designer
Freelance Artist
Gallery Directory
Graphic Artist
Industrial Designer
Marketing Director
Museum Registrar
Project Manager
Public Relations Director
Set/Stage Designer
Sound Mixer

Marketable Skills

Exhibit & Public Relations

  • Designing & Setting up Displays & Exhibits
  • Design, Produce, & Distribute Promotional Material

Knowing Materials & Equipment

  • Metals; Compounds; Clays; Glazes; Paints; Pencils; Inks; Papers; Pens; Brushes; Cements; Films; Cameras; Enlargers; Printing Presses; & Plastics

Special Arrangement, Design, & Perception

  • Recognizing, Choosing, Blending & Complementing color Shades & Tones, Forms, & Colors
  • Forming Mental Images
  • Designing Logs, Posters, Models, Displays Objects
  • Analyzing Designs

Communications, Media, & Advertising

  • Listening to Directions, Explanations, & Criticisms
  • Solving Assignment Problems
  • Meeting Deadlines