Cal Poly Humboldt has a strong sense of community, and the many donors who help support our efforts are an important part of that community.

To ensure students continue receiving the highest-quality education possible, we recommend three key areas where donors can make the greatest impact:

  • Student field trips provide a valuable experience for our students to visit art exhibitions, artist studios and other opportunities in larger cities. There are several ways for donors to help, such as covering travel expenses and museum entry fees.
  • Guest speakers are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with our students. Donors are invited to help with travel expenses and speaker fees.
  • Our on-campus galleries require financial support to continue to grow and showcase the artwork of local, national and internationally renown artists. Donors are invited to help support our on campus galleries, the Goudi'ni Native American Arts Gallery and Reese Bullen gallery in numerous ways.

With your support in these key areas, our students will have the experiences they need to learn, grow, and help develop a more creative, inclusive, and sustainable future for our planet.

Whether it is special learning opportunities like field trips or community service, access to new technologies, labs, or improved facilities, donors like you have the power to enrich the student experience at Cal Poly Humboldt.


To learn more about giving call (707) 826-5200.