Publications and achievements submitted by our faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty Nicole Jean Hill Art Film Nicole Jean Hill received a grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation to support a touring exhibition and corresponding publication featuring the photography of Lora Webb Nichols (1883-1962). Nichols used photography to provide for her family before, during and after the Great Depression, photographing pioneer women and providing a unique window into the role of women in this era and their cultivation of community. Both projects will enhance appreciation of female contributions to the history of image-making and the American West.

This work was selected for funding by the McMurry Library Endowment Fund Committee.

Submitted: January 19, 2024

Student Phoebe Hughes Art Film Student Phoebe Hughes had a work accepted into the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Illustration West 61 exhibition. The drawing, Trash Griffins, was created in Fall 2022's ART 321: Drawing II: The Natural World, taught by Associate Professor Brandice Gonzalez-Guerra. Phoebe's work in the exhibition may be seen at this link:

Submitted: March 24, 2023

Faculty Brandice Gonzalez-Guerra Art Film Associate Professor Brandice Guerra had two paintings, "I, Said the Kite" and "Bebecita", accepted into the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Illustration West 61 exhibition. One of these works, "Bebecita", received an Honorable Mention. The judging panel, composed of prominent professional illustrators, received over 1400 entries from over 450 artists. 301 works from 183 artists were selected for inclusion. The exhibition website will launch in the beginning of March, 2023.

Submitted: February 6, 2023

Student Sondra P. Schwetman Art Film Sondra P. Schwetman published her original artwork “S.O.S.” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.

Submitted: December 2, 2022

Faculty James F. Woglom Art Film

Jim Woglom and his longtime collaborator, Stephanie Jones, have a new comic-based article regarding persistence in creative, justice-oriented teacher preparation during tough times, titled "The Pep Talk: Today We Do The Work" in the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, available here:…

Submitted: January 3, 2022

Faculty Nicole Jean Hill Art Film

"Lora Webb Nichols-Encampment, Wyoming"
Edited by Nicole Jean Hill / Texts by Nancy F. Anderson, Nicole Jean Hill / Design Hans Gremmen /

Shortlist Rencontres D’arles Book Awards 2021, Historical Book Award / Time Magazine Book of the Year / Best of 2021 El País / The Guardian best of the Year / Honorable Mention 2020 Favorite Books PhotoEye (Awoiska vd Molen) / Best of 2020 Photobookstore (Emilie Lauriola + Martin Amis) / Best of 2020 Deadbeat Club (Chris McCall) / Best Dutch Book Design / Favorite Book of 2021 PhotoEye (Ed Templeton + Kim Beil) / Best of 2021 Photobookstore (11 nominations) Best of 2021 Deadbeat Club (4 nominations)

Submitted: January 3, 2022

Faculty Nicole Jean Hill Art Film

Nicole Jean Hill's book that she curated and edited made the best 2021 Photography books of 2021 for these three publications:…

Submitted: January 3, 2022

Faculty Stephen Nachtigall Art Film

Stephen Nachtigall presented a solo exhibition of new works titled "Languisher" at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. The exhibition is open to the public from October 9th to December 12th, with an artist talk to take place on November 7th.

Submitted: October 22, 2021

Faculty Nicole Jean Hill Art Film

The Lora Webb Nichols book has been shortlisted for the Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation PhotoBook of the Year.

Book curated and edited by Art Professor Nicole Jean Hill.

Submitted: October 5, 2021

Faculty Berit Potter Art Film

Berit Potter (Art) was interviewed for the short documentary "Mosaic is Light" produced on the occasion of the exhibition “Mosaic is Light: Work by Jeanne Reynal, 1940 - 1970,” at Eric Firestone Gallery, NYC. She also contributed an essay to the exhibition's catalogue. "Mosaic is Light" has been featured in "4 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now" in The New York Times, Artnet: Editor's Pick, and "Goings On About Town" in The New Yorker. The documentary is available here:

Submitted: April 13, 2021

Faculty Dave Woody Art Film

Dave Woody made photographs for the New York Times Sunday Magazine, of local school's "first day of school". These photos encompassed some distance learning and some face-to-face learning.
Here is a link to the story:…

Submitted: September 14, 2020

Faculty James F Woglom Art Film

Jim Woglom from the Art Department was awarded "Outstanding Higher Education Visual Art Educator of the Year" for 2020 by the California Art Education Association.

Submitted: September 14, 2020

Faculty Heather Madar Art Film

Heather Madar has been awarded a Hiob-Ludolf fellowship from the Herzog Ernst fellowship program at the Research Library Gotha in Gotha, Germany. The fellowship will support her research on Ottoman imagery in 17th century German court culture.

Submitted: December 3, 2019

Faculty Emily Cobb Art Film

Emily Cobb was invited to exhibit several contemporary jewelry pieces in the exhibition 'Analog_Digital' at Gallery BAUM in Seoul, South Korea from May 24th to June 2nd, 2019. Her work is included alongside four other digital jewelry artists: Arthur Hash, Ye-jee Lee, Ryungjae Jung, and Hee-ang Kim.

Submitted: May 29, 2019

Staff Benjamin Funke Art Film

Benjamin Funke has been selected by the US Bureau of Land Management - King Range National Conservation Area as the 2019 Artist in Residence.

This opportunity will place him atop the King Range for 31 days, reflecting on the natural landscape and building a new body of artwork. Additionally, he will be leading two workshops for the general public on 3d imaging, design, scanning and printing.

Submitted: April 8, 2019

Faculty Louis Marak Art Film

Emeritus Faculty member Louis Marak has been recognized by
National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA): Excellence in Teaching Award 2019

Description of the award:
Recipients should be near or at the end of a career dedicated to the practice of teaching (may be awarded posthumously); shall have demonstrated excellence in their own creative work; shall have had previous recognition for and a history of awards in teaching; and should have highly visible former students in the field.

Submitted: March 4, 2019

Faculty Alexandra Hootnick Art Film

Alexandra Hootnick, lecturer in the Art Department, was named by Photo District News as one of the "30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch" for 2019. This prestigious award is given to an international group of image-makers for their outstanding contributions to the field.

Submitted: March 3, 2019

Faculty Alexandra Hootnick Art Film

Named one of Photo District News' 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch.

Submitted: February 28, 2019

Faculty Sondra P Schwetman Art Film

New article in Sculpture Digest entitled "Easy Hardware Store Sculpture Molds"

Submitted: February 18, 2019

Faculty Sondra Schwetman Art Film

Sondra Schwetman has been accepted into an international exhibition entitled "100% Woman" at the Stichting White Cube Gallery in Alkmaar, the Netherlands in October of 2019.

Submitted: February 18, 2019