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The Goudi’ni Native American Arts Gallery on the Humboldt State University campus was founded in the Spring of 2011. But it’s inception was decades in the making, originally set as a museum space in a part of a master plan of the 1980s, the goal was to highlight creative expressions from our local Indigenous communities and nations. In the decade following its founding in 2011, the Goudi’ni Gallery has showcased local foundational and emerging Native artists, and State and Nationally known Indigenous artists. 

The Goudi’ni Gallery mission is to honor living culture through the presentation of contemporary and traditional Native American art. This respectful learning space builds campus, Tribal and community connections by promoting diverse artistic perspectives. Inspired by the Wiyot word Goudi’ni, translated as “one is way up and one looks back,” we acknowledge the long history of this place by sharing the stories of past, present and future generations.

Selected exhibitions were shown on the Arcata Ballpark Fence, F street between 8th/9th Arcata, as a part of Art On The Fence, showing the diversity of expression and creative endeavor that the Goudi’ni Gallery has had the pleasure of bringing to the North Coast. Featuring the work of past exhibiting artists: 

Tiffany Adams

Duggan Aguilar

Carl Avery Jr.

Natalie Ball

Rick Bartow

George Blake 

Annelia Hillman

Geri Montano

Lyn Risling

Fox Anthony Spears

Gail Tremblay

Brian Tripp

March 9, 2021 - 4:00pm
Arcata Ballpark Fence