Third Street Gallery archive: 2009 Exhibitions: ANIMALIA ALUMNA ARTISFABRICUS


Humboldt State University First Street Gallery is pleased to present, ANIMALIA ALUMNA ARTISFABRICUSfeaturing nine alumni artists who studied in the Art Department at Humboldt State University.  The exhibit runs from July 3 through September 12, 2009. The exhibition is billed by First Street Gallery as a clear demonstration of the excellent career preparation that Humboldt State University offers its Art Majors.  The exhibition will feature a special memorial section dedicated to the work of the late Nancy Finch-Halliday.

“The alumni participating in this show have all developed to a point where they are working at a professional level as artists,” states First Street Gallery Director Jack Bentley.  “All nine participants have developed as unique artists who clearly demonstrate their facility with their media while engaging with a variety of themes.  Crucial to their success, however, are the less tangible qualities they all share—a dedication and commitment to making art as a way of life and a deep engagement with their work on poetic and intellectual levels.”

Some of the artists participating in the exhibition have gone on to further studies at other institutions, earning their MFA degree, the highest degree attainable in the fine arts.

Participating artists are:

  • Erica Botkin – photography
  • Allison Harrington – jewelry
  • Alyse LaVerne - painting
  • Joshua Martinez – photography
  • Justin Mitman – ceramic sculpture
  • Gina Tuzzi – drawing and painting,
  • Christopher West – mixed media works,
  • Erin Whitman - painting;
  • and a special memorial section dedicated to the late Nancy Finch-Halliday.

Art is one of the highest enrolled majors at the HSU campus. HSU’s Art Department offers classes with 25 full and part-time instructors, multiple, well equipped studio facilities and several campus showcases that enable undergraduates to enjoy an early experience of presenting their works to the public.  Additionally, students enrolled in the Art Department’s Museum and Gallery Practices Program gain practical, hands-on experience as they design, coordinate and curate exhibits at First Street Gallery.